My favorite apps and browser extensions for bloggers and writers

I may earn commission from the companies mentioned in this post at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I have tried and love.

Although I have an affiliate disclaimer above, I am not going to add any links in this post, as it is truly my own list of apps for bloggers and writers that I use and love. I won’t get any commission for this post, it is really just my gift to you 😁.

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Whether you use it as a browser extension on Chrome or the app on your phone, Grammarly helps with the basics of punctuation and grammar. I use it all the time. I only have the free version, but you can upgrade to Premium for even more insights. The stats you get every week is also a great way to see how many words you have written and how many unique words you have used. I highly recommend using it as an extension on your Chrome browser, because it automatically checks everything you write online.


The app is great for keeping notes and web clippings all in one place. I love Evernote and use it all the time. I have the app and the browser extension on my desktop, and I must admit I use the app way more than the extension. The newest update on Evernote enables Dark Mode, which makes reading easier on your eyes with darker colours and higher contrasts. There are two account plans, Basic, which is free and Premium, which is paid.

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WordPress App

If you are self-hosted through WordPress, I highly recommend getting the mobile app. You can view all your stats and activity instantly and the insights are very helpful. You can see who visited your site, from which platform and also from where in the world. It makes it easy to see what your audience loves. You can also write new blog posts and edit existing ones. I love that you get notifications of new blog comments.

Such a useful little app if you are a blogger. I am actually writing parts of this post on the app. I use my desktop or laptop to add images and grammar checks before publishing though because there is no Grammarly on here. If you get an idea for a blog post and you don’t have a computer nearby or you are busy with something else, this is a great way to jot it down and then fine tune it later.

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Well, who doesn’t use Canva? I know some people prefer Photoshop, but if you are looking for a free graphics app then Canva is awesome. It is so mobile friendly and you can create just about anything from Pinterest graphics to Insta stories. There is the free version and then also the paid version, called Canva Work, with lots of extras.

I am still learning how to create documents like downloadable freebies so will be sure to update this post when I have learned more. With two kids and a full-time job, I have to find time for this!


Create welcome emails, campaigns, newsletters etc on Mailchimp on the go. Also, view all of your stats, see who subscribed, who unsubscribed and who clicked on the link and went to your site. They also have a pretty useful blog that has lots of helpful articles about using MailChimp and growing your email list. I use it quite often and enjoy how user-friendly it is.

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I don’t have to go into much detail, we all know Pinterest. It is the blogger’s go to for traffic. Create long images, catchy headings and you are set. There have been so many changes to Pinterest lately and we are all just kind of waiting to see how it will affect our blogs. Communities is a new thing that I am trying out, not yet sure how it will affect traffic, if at all. With the Tailwind tribes, I have found lots of repins but not much clicks. Seems like people are just repinning to stick to the rules but not really clicking on pins. Might be the same for Communities, but only time will tell.

Group boards is another unicorn on Pinterest. If you can get into them you are lucky. I have managed to beg my way into a few, but have not really seen such a big influence on website traffic. I get way more from Facebook groups and Twitter to be honest. But I will always love Pinterest. I have learned so many things from DIY, cooking, life hacks, party planning… the list goes on.


I use Godaddy for hosting my website and the email forwarding goes to a Gmail address. I created this address solely for my website mail forwarding. It just looks more professional to have an email than my normal iCloud address. I get notifications on my phone of any emails coming to my site. Hopefully lots of prospective freelance writing clients!! It’s a useful app that millions of people already use.


The tailwind app makes automating your pins on Pinterest super easy. It is very easy to use and a great tool. You can schedule pins at certain times of the day and night when more people will see your pins. You can also share from other apps, like Whatsapp via Tailwind. In the explore tab you can search for pins to share.

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Google Adsense App

If you are running Google Adds on your website, the Adsense app is very useful, because you can see all your data relating to adds and earnings on the go. You can see how you are performing compared to previous weeks and how much money is in your wallet. There are interesting reports generated from the app that gives you insight on how your site is performing in terms of passive income generation. I check it a couple times a week just for interest sake.

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Paypal app

All freelance writers like to get paid, right? Well, the Paypal app makes it easy to view your balance and send or receive money from anywhere in the world.

These are a few of my favourite mobile tools that I use often. I did not include Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn in this list, because they are so popular and everyone is already using at least one of them whether you are a blogger or not. I get a lot of traffic from these three platforms, but my ain reason for being on them is not blogging related.

Are there any apps you can add to this list? Drop your favourites in the comments, I love to try new apps out, especially if they help with productivity.

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4 Replies to “My favorite apps and browser extensions for bloggers and writers”

  1. Great list am using some already but need to go do more reading kn a few more.Love Canva

    verushka says:
    1. Thank you! Feel free to add any that you are using 😁

      Felicia says:
  2. I just found the Grammarly extension and have been loving it! The other one that has helped me out a lot is Tailwind. It puts my mind at ease knowing that it is working while I am working on something else!

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